can air conditioning cause headaches

Do headaches caused by air conditioning occur? For some people there is a yes answer. AC is an essential feature in the summer months in many areas of the country, however, the majority of people who live in offices and homeowners pay the cost. Check out the following reasons that air conditioning might be making you miserable and solutions to the issue.

Noise, dehydration and Chemicals

There are many reasons why air conditioning may cause headaches and increase your discomfort.

  • dehydration When the air conditioning is cooling your air, it could also draw the humidity out. This is good up to a point but if the air is dry and you don’t drink enough fluids and you end up suffering from dehydration-related headaches. To combat this, you can run an humidifier along with the AC and ensuring you take plenty of water throughout the time of the day.
  • Blood Vessel Contraction: When you get too cold and the blood vessels inside your brain may contract, which is a possibility of the causes for headaches. Try increasing the temperature by a couple of degrees and see if it will ease your symptoms.
  • Excessive Noise If your air conditioner is too loud or if it does produce sounds at an amount that is bothersome to you then your head will be the cost. If you believe that the sound of the compressor is the root of your issue You may be able to modify the unit or perhaps you’ll need an entirely new model.
  • chemicals and allergens The AC system could be moving more than simply cold air. If you’re using a forced air system, and your vents aren’t cleaned it could be sending pollen, dust and other allergens throughout your house. Additionally, if you are using harsh cleaning products in your workplace or at home and you don’t have enough ventilation, your air conditioner can release the toxic substances into your airspace time and again. The solution is by cleaning an HVAC unit a comprehensive clean and ensuring that your indoor area is adequately ventilated.

Medical Doctors as well as HVAC Technicians to help

If you suffer from migraines or severe recurring headaches, seek out a doctor. If the issue is not severe enough to be able to resolve by yourself the most effective treatment depends on the cause (or combination) of variables are the cause of your headaches. If you’re sure that your air conditioner is the source of your headaches, you should have an expert come in to perform repairs, maintenance and cleaning and see if this can help. Call the nearest One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning (r) who can be reached at any time!