Can Plumbing Vents be Combined?

This is a question we get asked a lot. The answer is yes! You can tie multiple vents together and use them in one space. In fact, the more you tie together, the easier it will be to keep your home’s ventilation working properly.


But remember, the more elbows you have in your vent, the less air will be able to flow through it. So if you need to make a 90-degree turn, you should use a tee instead of an elbow.

How many bends can a plumbing vent have?

A plumbing vent cannot have more than two elbows. It is also not recommended to tie two bathrooms together. However, you can tie a bathroom exhaust to a plumbing vent if you are using it in conjunction with a dryer or other high-use appliance that generates heat.


When it comes to elbows in the plumbing vent, they should be sized based on the length of the pipe. For example, if you have a 4 inch pipe and want to put a 90 degree elbow on it, then your elbow should be 3 inches long.


The number of bends and elbows in your plumbing vent depends on how long it is between each bend or elbow. The longer the distance between bends or elbows, the more likely it will cause problems with airflow and pressure loss through your system.

Can you tie bathroom exhaust into the plumbing vent?

But what if you have a bathroom exhaust fan and a kitchen vent? Can they be combined into one? Yes! You can combine them if they are both located in the same general area of your home. However, if they are in different rooms or on opposite sides of your house, you will need to either separate them or install two separate pipes to connect them.


You can tie bathroom exhaust into the plumbing vent and then run that same pipe through your dryer vent. But keep in mind that as you add more elbows to your vent, it will start to slow down the airflow. To avoid this problem, try using tees instead of elbows whenever possible.


There are two ways to connect these two pipes together: You can either take advantage of gravity by creating an S-shaped joint between them or use special clips sold at hardware stores that allow you to join them without any additional tools required.