Does Ceiling Height Affect Air Conditioning?

Yes, it does. The height of your ceiling has a direct effect on how much your AC unit will cost to run, and it’s important to understand why this is so.

When you’re running an AC unit, the molecules in the air are actually moving faster than they would be in your home without the AC on. This means that heat is being transferred more quickly and efficiently—which means that the temperature in your home goes down faster when you turn on your AC.

But this also means that it takes longer for those molecules to slow down again once you turn off your AC—meaning that there’s still a lot of heat in the air after you’ve turned off your AC and turned on some fans or opened windows. This is why many people feel cold when their AC turns off—the temperature hasn’t really changed yet!

The way around this problem is with insulation: it slows down the transfer of heat from outside into inside (and vice versa), which means that everything will stay at a more constant level even when you’re not running your AC.

So what does all this mean for ceiling height? In general, taller ceilings mean

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