how to cure a sore throat from air conditioning

AC units are created to create cooler, healthier air inside indoor spaces. While a functional AC unit can provide relief to some, it can also cause throat irritation for certain. The reason for this is the cool air that is circulated throughout the home by an AC unit.

We’ll be honest – sore throats are caused by many different factors and air conditioning is probably not on the list. However, they’re a frequent problem for many who suffer from allergies, particularly the common question “can dry air cause a sore throat.” We’ll explain for why your air conditioner might require regular maintenance by an expert making sure your throat and airways free of irritation.

Reasons why your AC may have caused your sore throat.


Similar to stagnant water stagnant air can be a perfect place for bacteria to develop. When you’re cooling system was not properly installed and your air is circulating in a poor way throughout your house. This could lead to large quantities of dust to collect and attract dust mites that could trigger allergies that get worse.

If your air conditioner doesn’t circulate properly and efficiently, your health may be at risk, leading to various respiratory ailments or viral diseases. It is therefore crucial to ensure that you air conditioner properly installed.


Air that is deficient of moisture may cause negative effects on certain people, particularly those with allergies. Not only does it cause allergic reactions, but dry, cold air can trigger coughs, particularly when you have asthma.

Be sure to run your AC system with the vent control on or open your windows each time to allow fresh air to circulate through your home. Your system will then be able circulate through the “new” air through the unit, which will prevent the air inside your home from stagnating and thereby improving the quality of air.

3. DO NOT ENOUGH Maintenance

Maintaining your air filters as well as air ducts in good condition is vitally important. They will hold dirt and allergens in your home. However, the stuff that goes in will, eventually, get out. Also, the areas should be maintained regularly.

Air filters can hold many allergens or bacteria that could become mold if they are not checked. Furthermore, you should have your air conditioner regularly checked to ensure that it is operating at its peak.


There are a variety of possibilities for why you’re experiencing a constant irritation to your throat. It could be because you’re not washing your hands enough or might have contracted an illness that is common and you forgot to change your toothbrush and then catching the same infection repeatedly. Perhaps you are in a profession that requires lots of talking.

The easiest method to determine whether your sore throat could be due to the humidity that is in your house is to track the time it happens. If you’re experiencing sore throats when you are at the house, your air conditioner might be to blame.

Treatments for SORE THEROATS

Should you suspect that you’re or someone else in your family suffers from a sore throat as a result of an infection caused by a virus or bacteria You can try some things to ease the pain. Warm fluids and cold foods, such as popsicles can offer relief, but dairy products are not suggested for reducing the amount of Phlegm.

Honey, lozenges for the throat drinking, staying hydrated, and purchasing a humidifier to boost the humidity could also be solutions.


If you’re suffering from allergies or another respiratory disease There are a variety of ways you can increase the comfort level at your home. If you suspect that the sore throat you are experiencing is due to your air conditioning unit, contact Lee’s Air now to determine the cause and decide on the most effective options to fixing your air conditioner.

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