is air conditioning bad for dogs

The most frequent queries we get from pet owners who are concerned, who inquire “can cats get sick from air conditioning?” or “can dogs get sick from air conditioning?”.

These questions are crucial in deciding whether or not to put in air conditioning at your home. Remember pets are part of your family.

Fortunately, the risks for pets from air conditioning are low. In reality, it is an immense benefit for your pet’s dog, cat, parrot, rabbit, or other pet to enjoy a well-controlled and comfortable temperature at home. In addition, what an advantage it is for you to return to a cool, beautiful home on hot, humid hot days like those in London!

Also, be sure to check out this video clip from Savva the Technical Director of our company who explains how air conditioning can aid your pet.

What is the reason why your cat or DOG require air conditioning?

Most people are aware of how warm air can affect pets. If your dog or cat has long hair – which is a particular characteristic of species living in warmer climates – then you may encounter issues during hot summer days. As Savva tells us the rabbits, as well as other lesser-known animals may be unable to endure the temperatures.

This is especially the case in the case of pets that are left at home at all times of the time of the day. While they appear to be at all times of the year, when temperatures begins to climb only a tiny bit high, it can cause animals and cats uncomfortable. Therefore, in order to prevent your pet from becoming overheated and a visit to the vet, cooling your home is crucial.

Because you wouldn’t like to open a window with no one home, for security reasons A fully-inside air conditioner is a good idea.

So, a completely internal air conditioning system is a naturaland efficient method of keeping your pet healthy and happy when you’re on the move. It’s not only able to keep you cool, but it cools pets too.

But are there any risks of having air conditioning with A DOG OR cat?

We’ve discussed the reasons why pet owners might decide to install air conditioners when considering their pets, however, it doesn’t help our initial concern.

When you’re trying to decide if air conditioning could be the solution for your home, you need to be cautious. When you ask “can my dogs get sick from air conditioning” isn’t as much of a question that can be thrown out since it’s a crucial aspect to take into consideration.

In the end it’s not a huge concern. There aren’t any real dangers for pets if they are in the home with air conditioning on. When temperatures are high enough that you’d think about chilling the atmosphere, then your dog isn’t the only one with concerns.

Cats and dogs have been living on earth for longer than modern technology and have survived more harsh conditions than an icy room.

When asking questions such as “can cats get sick from air conditioning” it’s recommended to look at the issue in a different way.

There are many reasons to be wary when leaving your air conditioning on but the health of your pet must always be the primary issue. And – perhaps most important pets and cats often enjoy the opportunity to cool down after the hottest day.

In spite of being in a state of sickness, many animals be content to escape the scorching heat.


The dogs and cats do tend to warm up in summer months. Like humans, they also find cramped areas that stagnate and lack air circulation to be uncomfortable.

Cats and dogs do not sweat the same amount as humans However, they sweat. Similar to the majority of mammals, their remedy for overheating is to sweat to release warm air while cooling their bodies.

In summer, you’ll notice that dogs require cooler temperatures than feline companions. This can be because of a variety of reasons. It’s mostly due to the fact that they tend to generate more heat because due to their higher muscle activity. Cats tend to lie around, while the dogs tend to be more athletic.

In both species it is evident that animals that have shorter muzzles heat up faster. For instance, pugs, bulldogs or Persian cats. It is due to their inability to pant, which is why the pets, particularly will benefit from cooling.

To learn more on whether air conditioners is a good idea to leave the air conditioning on for pets at home to find out more information, the American news channel Mother Jones asked several vets and associations of veterinary medicine to share their opinions.

The results suggested that aside from making pets infected, cooling could stop cats and dogs from becoming too hot.

Because overheating is much more likely to be harmful for pets or cats it is advisable to stay cautiously.

Make sure your pet is comfortable and cool.

PETS and AIR CONDITIONING: Important things to keep in mind

But that’s not to say that air conditioning is the only option for those who have pets. There are some things to consider when you’re concerned about your pet’s health during the summertime. They include:

  • Air conditioning can be at its most efficient and effective in the event that it’s set to an ideal setting for temperature in your house, and left to gradually increase throughout the day. Contact us for more information regarding our iFeel feature to make sure that it is utilized effectively.
  • Humidity is just as unpleasant for pets as the heat. Fortunately, our fully internal air conditioning systems come with filters that cleanse and dehumidify the air. This is extremely beneficial in such situations.
  • It’s crucial to ensure that your pet has drinking water available, particularly when temperatures rise.
  • Don’t forget to allow your pet to be left in a kennel for too long even when the air conditioner is turned in operation.
  • Keep these aspects at heart, then you will be able to ensure the pet you love is secure as you can.