is air conditioning common in paris

We frequently receive inquiries regarding the air conditioning system in our Paris holiday rentals. Our goal is to assist guests in having an unforgettable stay in Paris We’ve learned that providing as much detail beforehand is among most effective ways to guarantee that you have a pleasant stay. Based on our many years of living in Paris We’ve compiled a list of our top tips on what you can expect from cooling during your stay.


Going to a different country provides an opportunity to discover a new tradition and culture, as well as discover its customs and customs. But, it could also reveal some surprising changes from your home life. In France and a lot of other European countries air conditioning isn’t often used in the same way like it does across America, Canada, Australia and other countries. A lot of hotels, residences and apartments in Paris don’t have it in the first place! We’ve noticed that with the huge glass windows as well as French doors that are found in a majority of Paris apartment buildings that temperatures tend to be quite comfortable. We also know that our guests would appreciate air conditioning and so we offer air conditioning in our Paris holiday rentals as often as we can. Paris Perfect is unique because we’re more than simply a listing company; we manage a lot of construction work within the apartments we provide as well as assist with the installation of air conditioning units as often as we can.


Paris city codes forbid modifications to the exteriors of the gorgeous historic buildings located in central Paris. While we appreciate the fact that the buildings have been extremely well preserved however, owners aren’t allowed to install air conditioning systems fixed in the majority of apartment. In the instances where it’s not feasible to install central air conditioning and we offer portable cooling units. We’ve found the strongest units, however it is important to keep in mind that they’re less powerful than central air cooling systems. They’re among the top that are available Paris and they keep rooms cool in hot weather.


We began building portable air conditioners about a couple of years back. At first, portable units vented out of an open window or door as was the standard procedure in Europe. They are usually found in offices and shops with flexible tubes that let air out of the window. A little hot air escaped back in , however, the overall room remained cool. We then developed the systems to enhance cooling systems to make them even better. Our engineers are skilled at making openings and vents in windows, so the ventilation tube will fit exactly. the hot air is emitted and the room is kept cooler. While the units that are on wheels could be a hassle when compared to central air conditioning in the home, it’s the best alternative for having air conditioner in the comfort of a Paris apartment!


We went on to describe clearly the type of units in every apartment, and if they are mobile, how many of they are. You’ll find them listed in the following way on each apartment’s description page under their distinct section Heating and Cooling

Level I.

Mobile units that let air through windows or a french doors. The rooms remain extremely cool, however, whenever it is possible, we can customize them levels II to create which is a customized vent to draw in hot air.

Level II.

Custom vents that allow warm air out, and the cold air from outside to get in.

Level III.

Central A/C: Seek the most simple description central air cooling. These are the only homes in Paris that have the ability to be built with central air conditioning! It’s now a speciality of ours. Whenever it is possible, we install central air cooling.

THE RUTH ABOUT PARIS when it sizes

As the well-known Cole Porter song says, we also are in love with Paris during the summer months when it is smoldering. While the song is as catchy as it is, the reality is that Paris does not really sizzle frequently. The average summer temperatures in Paris can range between 71 and 77 F (22-25 Celsius) from June until August. While there may be highs in summer temperatures, temperatures are generally comfortable to visit the city and for enjoying a relaxing time at the comfort of your Paris Perfect vacation rental. In the warmer months you can use the portable air conditioners (or units with fans for apartments in which air conditioning is not in place) will usually suffice to keep your apartment cool.