what is in the air conditioning vent in fahrenheit 451

Clarisse appears to cause Montag extremely curious, and he is able to follow what she advises him to do. Prediction: What do think Montag has hidden in the grille on the vent? Perhaps some additional pills or something else which makes sure that houses won’t catch the fire anymore.


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What is the most important thing Montag have to say about the grille on the ventilator?

What plant is it that Clarisse speak about with Montag? Q. What is the secret Montag have to share about the grille on the vent? He has something upon his grille.


What is a grille for a vent?

Grilles are a cover for vents that allows air to be flowed through the room to allow circulation towards the central cooling or heating unit. They are typically found when you have central or heating air cooling. The grille does not have a damper to regulate the flow of air. Therefore, the air flows freely.

What number of books could Montag have hidden away in the grille of the ventilator?

After Beatty departs, Montag shows Mildred the pile that contains 20 volumes that he’s hidden in the vent. He informs her that he doesn’t wish to be a fireman any more.

What’s inside the grille for ventilation and how is inside it? And what does Montag choose to do with it?

What’s inside the ventilator grille? And what will Montag choose to make of these items? The books are within the grille that is ventilated which is why Montag is able to go through the books.

What is the function of ventilators? – Alex Gendler


You are able to tell what could be hiding inside the ventilation system at the house of Montag? Why would you believe that?

Prediction Do you believe Montag has hidden in the grille of his ventilator? Perhaps some additional drugs or something that can make it impossible for houses to catch fire anymore. … Additionally firefighters are present to start fires and to burn books, not setting fires.

What makes Montag be feeling guilty every time he’s working? Why is he always referring to the grill for the ventilation system?

Montag is concerned that the dog may feel guilt in the hound. The grill of the ventilator is a secret hideout for books, and is within the realm of Montag’s conflicting ideas.  The elderly woman was screaming throughout the entire time, shouting and rebuking the firemen for absconding with her book. Montag was a bit ashamed of burning her books.

What was the reason behind the grill of the air conditioning system? what was the number of Fahrenheit 451?

She is trying to convey the message that they will not have the power to determine her fate. Who was Montag in the back of her air conditioning unit? Around 20 volumes.

What smell makes Montag vomit?

Montag is ill the following day, when the ever-present smell of Kerosene causes him to vomit. Montag tells Mildred about his burning experience with the woman, and asks to agree taking a break from work for few days.

What sentence from a children’s fairy tale could raise Captain Beatty’s suspicions Montag was looking illegally at books?

What line from a child’s fairy tale is likely to raise Capt. Beatty’s suspicions that Montag was looking illegally at books? The metaphor was used to create an impression that the books pages were flapping around and down, like a bird’s wings as they flew.

What’s the main difference between an air diffuser and a grille?

A specific device for providing the air horizontally, without any deflection of any kind is referred to as a grille. A device designed to direct the air in different directions through blades with a profile as the air leaves the unit and moving into the area is referred to as diffuser.

Which are these vents that are in the ceiling referred to?

Roof vents that are static, often referred as louvers for the roof are designed to be able to be fitted into the highest points of the roof. They rely on the wind to function. Gable vents are a kind of louvered vents that serve as an exhaust or intake vent, based on which direction the wind is going.

What is an return grille?

Return air grills joins ductwork and allows air to be returned to any heating or cooling system. The openings connecting to ducts as well as other areas for air return are usually covered by grills. … The return air grill is used to cover the ducts, and may also be used to control how air flows.

What number of books can be inside the vent?

After Beatty departs, Montag tells Mildred that the man no longer wants to be a firefighter and then shows her a secret stash of around two hundred books that he’s hidden inside the ventilation.

Why did architects decide to get out of the front doors?

According to the uncle of Clarisse the reason architects got the front yards off? The government believed that people were too busy talking and sat on their porches , talking and chatting. How many books were Montag kept in the ventilation?

Who is the mechanical hound?

A recreation of the vicious Furies in Greek mythology and the pinnacle of the modern science that is perverted The Mechanical Hound is an electronic hitman who is composed from copper wire and batteries. It smells like blue electricity.

What show on TV is Mildred go to during Fahrenheit 451?

Bradbury plays Mildred as an unreal human being, without any real emotional or intellectual material. Mildred’s only bond is with her “family” in the soap-opera she watches.

Why did Montag change in Fahrenheit 451?

Guy Montag’s Changes Through Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury Essay. People change because of the influence of others. Guy Montag changes from to being a book-burning monster to an independent learner thanks to the influence from Clarisse McClellan.

What is the reaction of Mildred respond to Montag’s comments?

What do you think Mildred feel about the condition of Montag? She doesn’t believe that Montag is sick. What does Mildred feel when Montag informs her of the old woman who is burning alive in her books? … Mildred discovers it, inquires about what it’s about and Montag takes her out of the room.

What is the way Mildred react when she sees what’s in the hinter of the air conditioning system?

What’s under the grills of an air conditioner? What happens when Mildred react to what’s in the background? She grabs an item and takes it to the incinerator, where she burns it.  If there’s nothing in the book like Captain Beatty has stated the books will be destroyed and burn everything.

What’s in the air conditioner vent, Fahrenheit 451?

Montag’s discontent with his current situation grows and he starts to seek solutions within a pile of books he obtained from his own fires and hidden within an air conditioning vent.

What are the activities of the kids when they are in Fahrenheit 451?

Violent recreation Clarisse says that teens are known to do bizarre things just to have fun. They gather in Fun Parks to smack individuals, smash windows, race cars and play driving “games” like getting close to lampposts or chickens, and knocking hubcaps.

Was the old lady speak about to the old woman in Fahrenheit 451?

In the novel Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury, an old woman is caught performing self-immolation, also known as self-immolation, or the “deliberate sacrifice of oneself by fire.” Prior to self-immolating, the woman utters an expression made by Hugh Latimer too Nicholas Ridley prior to being burned to death for their communities due to the way they lived …

Who is the person who burns Montag’s home?

Beatty commands Montag to burn down the home by himself using his flamethrower. He also warns him that Hound is on watch for him should he attempt to get away.